Attorneys at law and public notaries 

Advice and representation of individuals and companies



Business law

Federal securities laws
Planning and construction law
Tax laws
Public procurement law (public tender law)
Traffic law
School laws
Criminal law (in certain areas)
Public notary


It’s our goal to solve your problems efficiently, while keeping you informed openly, honestly and transparently. In order to do that, we will not only consider legal aspects, but also economical and tax issues as well as other predicaments. After collecting the most important material facts of the case, we offer you a first assessment (overview of the case; including your chances to win the case and the approximate costs; our services up to here are free of charge). Thereafter we collect all material facts of the case through asking you specific questions, examining the evidence and if necessary by consulting one of our experts (e.g. accountants, architects, medical doctors and so forth). Eventually we solve your problem by giving advice to you, pleading your case or negotiating on your behalf with the opposing party.  


A first assessment (normally directly over the phone during your first call) is free of charge (not including the review of briefs and files), and does include your chances to win the case and the approximate costsour fee is CHF 250 per hour (not including 8% VAT and 4% sundries, like photocopies, stamps and so forth).


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           Zug branch : GÖRG SUTER, Artherstrasse 16, 6300 Zug